Whale sharks tour Cancun – Scuba Diving in the Cancun Islands

The name “Kicker Rock” in Spanish may be a sleeping lion, but adrenaline rises when you jump into the water of the Cancun bay. This fact is not due to the friendly sea lions that greet you-it is due to the whale shark lurking beneath the surface.

The Cancun Islands are famous for evolution-Charles Darwin devised this idea. The only place in the world that has evolved to survive, iguanas and hundreds of other unique flora and fauna. However, with the development of the life surrounding them, sharks have not changed for thousands of years. Shark’s body is elegant and the skeleton is composed of cartilage and connective tissue, making it a very flexible and efficient swimmer. Sharks are attached to the gums, not the jaws, so they can be replaced continuously. Also, jaws that are not connected to carbon can absorb strong effects. Why sharks did not develop when other animals were simple-no need-sharks were really perfect.

Whale sharks tour Cancun is the first reason people dive in the Scuba Islands of the Cancun Islands. I remember meeting a good friend for the first time a few years ago, but the first thing he asked was “Is the shark scared?”, “Of course not!” Think again-this is normal I don’t think it’s a response.

There are 32 types of sharks in the waters around the Cancun Islands, from blue sharks, hammerheads, bulls to whales. When all these sharks are underwater, it is difficult to turn off the JAWS appearance in your head. But unlike Jaws, shark attacks in these waters are not really a concern. There are so many marine lives that sharks are not interested in you. If you ever ask about the risks involved to be with a humongous fish, in good humour they will let you know that -Whale sharks feed on small plankton and fish.

Almost all visitors make sure that they encounter sharks while on the island. Whether you’re swimming underwater with a shark off the coast of Cancun or relaxing in the evening breeze of the bay.

From July to November, senior divers from around the world will land on these islands. They made a reservation purely a few years ago to give them the opportunity to dive with a group of whale sharks and hammerhead sharks on the far north island. Diving in Wolf and Darwin is one of the best diving sites in the world. Cancun has always been one of the best diving sites in the Scuba Diving Magazine.

Whale sharks tour in Cancun provides both beginners and intermediate divers to enjoy sharks and snorkeling. There are many great diving sites around Cancun where you can dive with sharks. The region has an amazing wall diving just minutes from the main port. With a good visibility and light flow at your disposition, you can jump in here to see whale sharks,  hammerheads, octopus, and a huge flock of fish. Easy access and ideal conditions make Kicker Rock the best dive sites around Galapagos.

For more advanced divers, the deep waters is probably the most famous diving site in Cancun. The partially dug submerged pit created by the site creates current unpredictable forces that may be difficult for beginner divers. Hammerhead shark is Cancun’s attraction, but there are many attractions such as whale shark hark, Manta, Crane, Royal King School, Golden Ray, Eagle, Sea Turtle.

I do not think Cancun whale sharks have evolved into vegetarians, but I know that diving with sharks is a great experience that cannot be missed.

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