Benefit of yoga and Meditation for your Body and Mind

Yoga and meditation have come to the world as a savior. The 21 st century can be harsh and savage
in its pace of moving ahead and the momentum just keeps catching speed. Not the entire world is
fully equipped and developed to match the pace and it is visible. It has affected the people in a large
number and affected those who may have a different understanding of living life in a calm pace.
However, the century has inculcated serious issues that are spreading everywhere, anxiety,
depression, diabetes, health problems and an unstable lifestyle. It happens to the best of us and it’s
almost impossible for us to understand that it’s okay. We want to match the speed and the changes
and yet fail so many times and we are not okay with failing. The competition has risen and it’s
getting more and more challenging by the day.

Yoga and meditation have always gone hand in hand since the time of its origination, 25000 years
ago, In India. The yogis of ancient India devised yoga, as a method to dig deep into the human
psyche; to reach an existence that was beyond worldly constructs such as behavior, personality,
understanding, information, and attachments. They realized that if they train the body and the mind
to be utilized in their full capabilities and somehow these capabilities are aligned into a
synchronized functioning; they could achieve the “Union”. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that translates to
“union”. It has always been the aim of yoga; the goal to reach this “union”.
Even now yoga is practiced in its original philosophies, in India. This is why yoga enthusiasts flock
in large numbers to receive yoga teacher training in India.
Meditation is one of the eight pillars that hold the ideals of yoga. Meditation is known to be
psychologically beneficial to its practitioners as proved by so many renowned medical institutions
all over the world. And yoga includes asana; these asanas are known to train the physical body to
work towards achieving this union.

There are so many benefits to including yoga and meditation to your daily routines, here are some
of these benefits:

1. Yoga and meditation is known to improve the quality and capacity of resilience
towards stress and anxiety in you:
A study done on the participants of a yoga retreat showed that after a month long course,
yoga and meditation helped them with the decrease of levels of stress and depression also
combating anxiety issues. At the end of this retreat they also noticed an increase in their
capacity of mindfulness.
The study exactly monitored the participants and noticed an increase in the BDNF plasma
levels along with an increased CAR. This showed them an increased capacity of resilience to
stress creating factors.

2. Yoga and meditation potentially benefit the nervous system:

Yoga and meditation is known to improve the functioning of the hippocampus. This is the
part of the brain that is responsible for the consolidation of the information from the short-
term and long term memory and also responsible for navigation. This indicates the
increased capabilities of one’s psychological existence.

3. Meditation helps you increase your creative potential:
Meditation is known to work on your spiritual self, and this is the best part where this
potential is put to play. There usually is a well of inspiration and creativity within us but is
covered up by all the mental chatter that happened in our minds. Meditation helps calm this
chatter and makes space for your creativity to emerge from the darkness.

4. Yoga and meditation is known to help improve the effects of rheumatoid arthritis:
There are some kinds of yoga that are particularly helpful and effective on problems such as
rheumatoid arthritis. Iyengar yoga is a form of yoga known for the use of positioning props
such as belts, blocks etc. they help one’s body take up the position that the ailment does not
allow them to take. Being in a position they could not take earlier, lets them circulate Prana
(the life force/breath) to flow through these ailing areas of the body. This heals the ailment
slowly but steadily. Another form of yoga known as Bikram yoga is known for slow paced
motion and easier poses. This benefits the bones, muscles and the joints.

5. Yoga and meditation helps Improve the health of your heart and combats heart
Yoga works on Prana. Prana is a Sanskrit that translates to “life-force”. Life-force is also
known as “breath”. So wherever the breath reaches it takes with it a healing sensation that
helps heal the areas it reaches. This is why yoga focuses on circulating this life-force/breath
to all the parts of your body, from the head to the toe. As the air circulates to all these parts
of the body, even the fluids circulate more smoothly; this helps with the elimination of
arterial plaque. This reduces risks caused to the heart. Meditation is also known to lower
the heart rates, which keeps blood pressure in check.

6. Yoga helps with the chronic back pain:
Back pain has been an enemy to everyone, young or old. Weak bones can lead to back pains
at a very young age. Especially to older people, back pain is a curse. Well the good news is
that yoga can be done by anyone at all, age no bar. It works on making the bones of our
bodies more flexible, agile and strong at the same time. Once the bones are strong, 80% of
the problems disappear.

7. Yoga and meditation improves bowel health:

If you are one that has that undying bowel issues, indigestion and inflammation, yoga is the
long-term cure. Yoga has a lot of asanas that help the internal organs of your body move,
twist, turn and stay in motion; this helps the food move ahead in the intestines. Yoga is also
tremendous help when it comes to stimulating the lymphatic system. This stimulation
causes the toxins in your body to flush out, leaving your body in a cleaner state. How does
meditation help with bowel issues you ask? Meditation helps reduce stress-related flare-ups
in the stomach that causes issues such as the IBD (irritable bowel disease) and the IBS
(irritable bowel syndrome).

Yoga and meditation has so many more health benefits that have not been discovered so far. If only
the ancient yogis could come back to life and show us the way. Anyhow, one must practice yoga and
meditation to truly reap its benefits. If you are still apprehensive about indulging in this holistic
practice that brings you stability in life, health and happiness, then you best believe it after a
weeklong session of yoga, everyday.


Author Bio :
Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organize 200 hour
Yoga Teacher Training in India. Manmohan Singh conducts Ayurveda Courses in Kerala and also in
different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas and
Trekking in India.

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