Are you worried about the social media activities of your kids? Are you curious about their performance on online tests?Well, no worry as TheOneSpy is here to help you. Its extensive set of unique features with the option of different platforms makes it the best spy application.The software is produced to work on various platforms like Mac, Windows and Androids so now you can get access to all devices of your kids. You have to install spy app on their device and then let it do the magic. Here are the five reasons that you, as a parent, should use TheOneSpy.

  1. Unlocking the Digital Activities of Kids

These days, kids are more diverse as ever. They are studying as well socializing where some have their own YouTube channel etc.It means that they are spending more time online and are open to all kinds of contents. If you are a parent and you are not comfortable with him spending so much time, and you want to see what he is doing, then android spy app is here to help you. It lets you unlock all the digital activities of your kids whether it be social media accounts, his chats on skype, zoom etc.

  • Foreseeing the Social Media Communications

Your kid is socializing on social media, but you want him to have good friends or kids of his age? Are you worried about your kid talking to strangers? You don’t have to get anxious anymore as TheOneSpy is here to help you. One of the top features of it is that it provides a detailed summary of texts and calls of your kids and also let you see the activities of your kids on social media platforms. All these can help you foresee his friendships so that you can relax when he goes outside with them.

  • Tracking them down to Exact Location

These days, all spy apps for android provide the feature of tracking, but TheOneSpy is different form all of them. It has up the game where it gives the real-time location remotely. Yes, it’s one of the outstanding features of it. Now, if your kid is attending several academies for studies, then don’t worry as you can track his location and see if he’s going to academies and not gaming respectively.Similarly, if he is going on an abroad trip with his class-fellows and you are worried about his wellbeing then install tracking app on his device and keep a close watch on him.

  • Unravelling their Devices

Is your kid spending a lot of time in front of his computer? Is he using password protection on some of the folders? Are you curious about them but don’t want them to feel like they are being watched? Then try TheOneSpy as it’s the best parenting application. It lets you in on all these things. With its remote access, you can record their screens and see what’s in those folders. It also lets you record their calls and see their texts so that you can see if they are talking to someone suspicious. Moreover, the app provides different features that let you unlock the personal devices of your kids and see their protected folders and go through their browsing history too.

  • Remote Access

This app provides remote access to the personal devices of kids. The remote access offers several unique features like real-time screen recording, real-time location and real-time summary of communication like texts and calls. All these features are perfect for parents as they can easily monitor their kids without them knowing.TheOneSpy is following the trend of the latest technologies and providing real-time readings, which makes it the best application for parenting. The parent can use this feature to stay digitally with their kids. So, you have to install it, and then you can keep a close eye on your kids all the time.

TheOneSpy is a spying application that lets you see what your kids are doing. It’s designed to help in parenting as it allows you to track the location of your kids, record their screens, monitor their social media accounts and so much more etc. Using Android Parental control app can help you to stay close with your kids physically as well as digitally. So, you have to install TheOneSpyand see its wonders.



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