Students often overlook some of the vital characteristics of effective study materials for learning the concepts effortlessly. Just think how frustrating it would be for the students to spend a year on learning important topics and not be able to apply the information correctly in the exam. Firstly, it is very important for the students to understand how the questions are worded and what kind of answers the respective board is looking for.

While reading the questions from the previous year question papers, it is necessary for the students to identify the correct answers and put them in a stepwise manner. Important short cut tips and tricks can’t be learnt from outdated materials which are present in the current education industry. So choosing the right study material requires a lot of time and effort as it should not affect the academic performance of the students.

Various examination boards are present in our country, where students have to take their Class 10 and Class 12 exams every year based on the rules and regulations set by them. Students of CBSE board can refer to the NCERT Solutions which are designed by a set of expert faculty having vast experience in the respective subject. The solutions are explained in a simple language for an easy understanding of the students irrespective of their intelligence quotient.

Here are some of the tips to help students select the right study materials from the exam perspective.

1. Study material should have content explained in practical manner

The concepts which are covered in the respective sections should contain practical explanations to make it easier for the students while learning. It helps them to understand the application of the concepts in our day to day life. For this purpose, practice questions should be included along with the theory which makes a huge difference with regard to retention.

2. Comprehensive explanations should be provided for each sample question

Students should be provided with a comprehensive explanation for each sample question they encounter. Sometimes, a couple of answers seems to be correct, but there will be only one answer the board considers correct. With in-depth explanations, students should know why that one answer is correct.

3. Up to date with the latest exam content and format

Students should beware of the materials which do not state in clear terms when and how often they are updated. The examination board in our country changes the exam content and format on a regular basis to keep the students updated with the current requirements. So choosing the correct study materials is very important to score well in the annual exam.

4. Solutions should contain accurate data

There are numerous study materials available in the current market. Students should select the right one which contains accurate solutions as per the latest syllabus and guidelines. The study material should possess answers for all the questions which are present in the textbook designed by the experts from the respective board.

5. Important concepts should be highlighted

Research should be conducted on important concepts from the exam point of view to help students to be at a higher performance level. So the study material will give students a huge advantage if they clearly explain the concepts which require in-depth studying to perform well in the annual exam.

The study materials can be used by the students as a major source of reference guide to boost their problem solving abilities and analytical skills. Students under the ICSE board can refer to the Selina Solutions while solving the textbook problems. This will help them to understand the complex concepts without any difficulty.


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