In this short but comprehensive piece, you will get pokecord commands that help you catch pokemon and you will become aware of all essential commands 

Discord bots allow admins to moderate content and welcome new members. If you’re a discord user, chances are you have already heard of pokecord. And if don’t then this piece will let you get started. It is a multilevel communication system having a unique feature called bots. 

If you want to collect, battle, and trade pokemon, you have to know the latest and the popular commands of pokecord. It is an interactive discord bot that allows users to collect, battle, and trade pokemon. It all has been made so easy and simple that collecting pokemon is like ABC. 

Pokecord Commands and catching Pokemon

Collecting pokemon has never that simple as pokecord has made it. Once you get your discord bot, pokemon starts appearing when you talk. You will notice the pokemon in your message because you will get notified of its presence. Now you have the knowledge of the presence of a pokemon in your vicinity. All you need to do to catch the pokemon and claim it, you must guess the name right. It should be done in a hurry because there are others at guessing too. Whoever guesses the name right will get the pokemon. 

Every command starts with the “p!” which is present there by default. Before moving ahead and start exploring the discord bot with commands, get your Pokemon Number for a particular pokemon with the p!pokemon –name <Pokemon Name>” command. Using this particular command, you will get the list of the names.

Let’s Begins!

There are four basic commands that are used to begin with pokecord discord bots and start collecting, battling, and trading pokemon. Following are the beginning commands

p!start – This command makes you enter the game and get your pokemon.

p!pick – After beginning the game with the starter command, you are required to select a pokemon. You will get a variety of options to choose from generations.

Now, on the list of Pokecord Commands, one command holds key significance because it gives you the necessary support in the hour of need. This command is Help command

p!help –  when you enter the game, you may need to know various things. This command provides you the necessary support in the time of need.

Once you get your pokemon, the next big thing is to know the important commands that are necessary. These commands are called starter commands.

p!detailed – obviously, by the use of this command you will get the details about the pokemon. Checking Pokemon’s IVs is highly important because it provides the details of your pokemon that decides the worth of your pokemon. 

p!order <Option> – want to sort your pokemon in alphabetical or iv manner, use this command.

Pokemon Commands

These commands are the essence of all the game. Without these commands, catching, claiming, trading, or battling pokemon is not possible. Put short, these commands are vital for the running of the game.

p!catch <Pokemon Name> these commands are used only when a pokemon appears and you have guessed the name right.

p!hint – obviously, another helping command to make you collect pokemon

p!select <Pokemon Number> – with this command you can decide which pokemon will you take to battle and which you will use for chatting, etc.

p!info latest – present the info of latest caught pokemon

Sum Up

Pokecord commands are vital to catch, collect, battle, or trade pokemon. It is an incredibly simple and effective discord bot. with effective use of commands, you can beat others at catching pokemon. It shows you pokemon in the message and you have to guess the name rightly to claim it. Right from the start to checking the status of latest caught pokemon, everywhere you need commands. Hope, you will have a great adventure!


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