Cherish the artist in your loved ones with Artist-Designed Tributes!

Paying tribute to your loved ones at the funeral or memorial service is one of the most common traditions. Why are tributes important? Tributes are known for telling the story about the life of the deceased person and the relationship you shared with them. The funeral tribute can be simple and meaningful, like writing a good poem about your loved one who passed away or sending a sympathy card. Or the tribute can be elaborate like an artist-designed tribute or funeral resolution. You know that the funeral tribute is the lasting keepsake for the surviving family and friends that is why one must pay attention to all the intricate details of tribute.

Types of Funeral Tribute

Have you ever thought about who presents the funeral tribute? If no, then you must know that the people who are closest to the person who has passed presents a high-quality funeral tribute. However, even classmates, colleagues, childhood buddies can also present tribute.  Moreover, while choosing the tribute, you should know what type of tribute you want to present and with which tribute you are more comfortable.

  • Certain Theme

You can remodel the funeral in the theme which is the favorite of the person who has passed away. Say, for example, if they love music, then you can choose the musical theme to pay as a tribute to the funeral. Or if the deceased loves to run, then you can own the memory of your loved one by jogging on your way to their cemetery. You can also take help of the fast funeral printing services for a customized theme.

  • Eulogy

The funeral service that is conducted nowadays is mainly about remembering the life of the person who passed away rather than thinking about the loss of the person. This can be easily done by delivering beautiful eulogy speeches. The eulogy is the written tribute where the deceased is praised about how they live their life. These personalized eulogy speeches are generally presented by immediate family members or close friends. While writing the speech, you can include some funny stories or a few nice memories of the deceased.

  • Funeral Program

Funerals are considered as an important part of the funeral service as they provide you with all the details that are related to this. The funeral program can also include favorite prayer, poem, obituary bookmarks, and other crucial information. There are lots of funeral program templates so that you can choose the best package and style of the funeral program template.

  • Slideshow

You can either put together a variety of photos of your loved one who have passed away. You can use their photos for making the slideshow so that you can play it during the memorial service. You can reflect the funeral portraits in the slideshow to add joy to the memory. 

  • Scriptures or Poem

If you are not able to write the speech for your loved one, then you can express your feelings with the poem or the phrase. These scriptures and poems can help you in expressing your true feelings regarding the loss of your loved one.

  • Funeral Resolution

The loved of the deceased can write the funeral resolution formally to honor the relations of your loved one with the Almighty.

  • Prayer Card

This card includes the date of birth, date of death, picture of the deceased along with the Bible verse. There are various types of prayer cards that you can present in the funeral service as it is an easy way to honor the memory of the deceased.

  • Candles

You can give the special candles to the immediate family member of the deceased in the funeral service. One can personalize these candles with the photograph and theme matching the funeral service.

If you want to give something extra unique in the funeral service, then you can give an artist-designed tribute to the family member of the dead person. Give a high-quality funeral tribute to remember the deceased with their joyful memory.


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