Best Apple Watch Bands: 6 Leather Straps for Your Smartwatch

Make your Apple Watch an accessory to reflect your personality. Get modern Apple Watch bands in New Zealand in leather to dress up for conferences or parties, go running, and everything in between. With so many leather straps, it becomes a daunting task to choose only one or two bands. Learn about different types of leather straps and find out which is the best for you.

Apple Watch has been ruling the smartwatch world since its launch in 2015. The latest Apple Watch Series 6 has advanced health-related features like blood oxygen level measurement, ECG, and the sleep app. But even the newest device has a downside: A rubbery strap that looks like a children’s watch strap. 

The good news is that you can replace the rubber strap with cool leather watch bands in New Zealand. Apart from Apple, some reliable third-party suppliers offer these stylish accessories at a more cost-effective price than their official counterparts. 

Leather Straps for Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is made to flaunt. If you are hiding it under your shirt’s cuff, you definitely need a watch band. 

  1. Tapered Leather Buckle

It is an iconic leather buckle type that provides a dramatic two-tone look to your smartwatch. The tapered band is available in many colours, featuring colour-matched edge stitching. A quality tapered strap is made of calf leather, which becomes more beautiful over time. Apart from that, the band has a stainless-steel square buckle to easily wear and remove the watch.

A tapered leather buckle is easy to adjust and available in multiple size options. It is a perfect accessory to make your smartwatch perfect to wear every day. 

  1. Classic Leather Buckle

As the name suggests, the buckle is a classic addition for a smartwatch in modern style. Made of beautiful calf leather, which ages over time, the buckle features exterior leather grain and the interior lining that offer a two-tone look to the watch. The strap edges have colour-matched stitching. Also, there is a classic buckle for creating a minimalistic vibe.

At a reliable third-party supplier, you can get a classic leather Apple Watch band in New Zealand in multiple colours to match your personality.

  1. Leather Loop

It is a striking innovation that combines the luxury of leather and comfort of loop. A leather loop band features a beautiful pebbled texture. Plus, there are magnets within the soft to wrap the watch swiftly around the wrist. 

  1. Single/Double Tour Leather Band

The Apple Watch band is a striking piece available with an extra-long wrap to wear once or twice around the wrist. Made of quality leather, the strap helps create a unique, chic statement. Also, it is available in multiple colours.

  1. Modern Buckle

If a classic buckle isn’t right for you, get a modern leather buckle lightly milled and tumbled. Unlike a classic buckle type, a modern buckle features a two-piece magnetic closure that makes it easy to wrap the watch around your wrist. 

  1. Leather Cuff

Those who are admirers of uniqueness can get leather cuffs as Apple Watch bands in New Zealand in leather. The ultimate accessory is stylish and functional. In addition to visible edged stitching, the strap features a modern stainless steel buckle to easily adjust the smartwatch. 

The band is available in many colours. Buyers can get a black leather Apple Watch band for a decent appearance, while capucine colour can be chosen to showcase a bold personality. 

In the End

These are some leather Apple Watch options on the market right now. All of them have their properties and features. Choose one or multiple of them while considering your personality and requirements. 


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