Online Earning Games

Just one search on the internet can help you find several online games that can help you earn. As you start exploring more, you will find that most of the games just boast about paying cash when you register and play. However, some games do not meet such expectations. They are not more than a money heist that keeps on playing truckloads of ads without giving you a single penny. 

Therefore, here we have come up with five legit games that you can play anywhere and anytime to earn some real cash. Check them out.

Dream 11

Dream 11 is one of those fantasy games that have gained huge popularity in the recent past. It is extremely popular among cricket fans and those who know about cricket players. It is a fantasy game by Dream Sports. All you need is to download the game from the official Dream11 website and start playing the fantasy league. 

Choose the best players, assign captainship and vice-captainship to two of them and prepare your team. Once you are ready with the team, you can participate in different leagues. For each league, you can make 5 such teams. How much money you win will depend upon how your players perform. If you are lucky and your chosen players did well, you can win a huge amount every day. 

Classic Rummy

Rummy, the game of skills, does not need much introduction. It is one of those card games that are popular since time immemorial. Rummy is known for helping you earn a huge amount. Today, with technological advancement, you can play Rummy virtually as well as with random players from different parts of the world. Classic Rummy is a popular rummy platform. 

The best thing about Classic Rummy is it uses a certified Random Number Generator (RNG) so that there is no scope of alteration in any gameplay. With the aim to provide a secure environment, robust technology, and clean & fair gameplay for all the players, Classic Rummy is worth to spend your time, play online rummy cash game and earn cash. With Classic Rummy, you can carry out your deposits as well as instant withdrawals with ease & security.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a perfect online game for billiards players. Providing a safe and secure place to trying your hands in billiards and at the same time earning money, 8 Ball Pool has gained high ratings. For playing 8 Ball Pool, you simply need to download the app and register. There are single-player games as well as multi-player games. You can also play with a team. 

All you need is to pay a small amount as an entry fee and start exploring the world of the 8 Ball Pool. With huge popularity, it has become the top pool game in the world. Every time you win, you get cash too, isn’t it fun to try 8 Ball Pool? 


If you are into quizzes and love to participate in them when you were a kid, Qureka is the right gaming platform for you. Qureka is a quiz trivia and a quiz game app where you earn money for being intelligent and mindful. The app features a number of quizzes in the form of daily and weekly competitions. All you need is to give the right answer within the time limit and get money in return. 

There are mega quizzes too in which you can participate and earn a huge sum. The three types of quizzes that are highly popular in Qureka are play live shows, play hourly shows, and play cricket shows. Qureka is perfect for all the minded people. Just show-off your general knowledge and get some money in return. 

Lucky Day

Lucky Day is a casino game wherein you can get handsome cash with every win. Casino is all about luck, and that’s why the name of this app is Lucky Day. You can try your luck each day by playing casino right at the comfort of your home and see whether the luck in your favor or not. 

The game also features lottery and scratch cards to help you make money. All you need is to participate in the lucky draws. You can redeem the cash through PayPal. You may also win some cool gift cards that are redeemable at apps like Amazon. 

Final words 

Making some money in leisure time is nothing more than a luxury. It can become literally the best thing you can do in your free time. Despite playing random games on random websites or doing irrational things, it is always a wise decision to kill your boredom by playing some money earning online games. With such games, you can get both- entertainment as well as some real cash. 


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