Tips and Tricks to Choose Right Weighted Vest for You

While training hard for the muscle, speed, endurance and strength at some point your body will catch up and will become stronger. Then you will want to increase your stamina and for that strategies are there, and weighted vest is one of these. Adding a little extra challenge to running by wearing a weight vest for men will enhance their endurance. However, choosing the right weighted vest can be challenging as you will have to consider activity for which you are buying it. 

If you think that one single vest can be appropriate for all activity, then you are wrong. Keep a few important things in consideration before you jump into buying the best weighted vest for men.

  • Purpose of Use 

All weighted vests are not equal and are not created equal. These vests come in different sizes, forms and shapes, and there is definitely a good reason behind it. Every activity has its own requirement and weights, which means you should figure out for what purpose you are using the vest for. Suppose if you are purchasing a vest for solely running purposes, then you can go for running weight vest men’s with lighter loads.

You can go for men’s weight training vests with heavier loads for CrossFit or callisthenics which you can adjust easily. By buying the vest with heavy loads can help you in working out to reach your target. Go for the vest with a narrow shoulder strap so that you do an activity like pushing, pulling, bending and jumping easily.

  • Find the Right Weight

What is the actual reason behind buying a weight vest for men? the actual weight which should be considered as the fashion accessories. If you end with too heavyweight them, you cannot use it effectively while anything too light will be useless. You should go for the weighted vest that is 10% of your body weight, say for example if you weigh around 250 lbs then buy the vest that is about 25 lbs or 30 lbs in starting. As after using the vet correctly, you will eventually grow strong and will crave for heavier weight.

  • Adjustable Vs Fixed Weights

Weight vest for men comes in two variations – one with adjustable weight and other with a fixed weight. The weighted vest with adjustable weight is more useful as you can add and remove weights to suit your workout routine. Brand of the vest will decide what type of material weight will have. Some vest comes with metal bars and sandbags which can be removed easily when not required. Make sure to remove the weight evenly, so that your vest is balanced for avoiding discomfort. In the fixed weight vest, you cannot change the load of the vest, and it will be fixed. The fixed weight vests are usually popular among the runners as they are lighter weights.

  • Full-Size Vs Short-Stack Weighted Vest

The two common designs that are popular in the market are full-sized and the short-stack vests. Both these vests fall under the category of the adjustable vest, and the only difference between them is their layout of weights. In the full-sized vest, the weight is distributed alongside the front and backside of the vest and is covering the entire torso. Short-stack vests are designed in a way the abdomen area is free of weight concentrating mainly on the upper back and chest areas.

You can even go for the weight vest for men who have a water bottle holder, storage pouch where you can keep smartphone and keys,


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