Do You Know If The Property For Sale Is Earthquake Resistant

Looking for houses for sale in Regina? You want to raise your family in a safe neighbourhood. Locals or a simple Google query can tell you a lot about the crime rate. However, the structure and condition of the house can also pose some threats. Most importantly, the property should be able to withstand natural forces such as storms and earthquakes. Earthquakes are the most destructive and dangerous natural calamity. Since you are in search of houses for sale in Regina, this area has not been hit by big earthquakes. However, you must make sure that the property is earthquake resistant.

Is the Property in an Earthquake Prone Zone?

Whether you will be exposed to the threat of an earthquake or not, this depends on whether the property is in an earthquake prone area or not. The structure and quality of material and construction have to be accordingly. You have seen earthquakes causing massive destruction across the world. Regina is not one of the areas at risk from a major earthquake. However, when you look for houses for sale in Regina South, this does not mean that you should not inspect the property for this threat. 

Is the Property Earthquake Resistant? 

Whether or not a property is earthquake resistant depends on the following:

  • Location of the property
  • Style of construction
  • Strength of the property

Older structures are often weak and therefore, at a higher risk. You can hire an engineer to check the conditions of the foundation, walls and roof. Don’t invest in a property that has a weak foundation and crippled walls. If the property is in a high-risk earthquake area, there must be bolts in the foundation. The engineer can tell if the house is earthquake resistant and safe or not. In case the engineer finds that the property is not earthquake resistant, look for other houses for sale in Regina. 

However, if you want to buy that particular property, you need to hire a structural engineer who will suggest some steps to reinforce the foundation, walls and overall structure of the property. 

Materials for Building Earthquake Resistant House 

The quality of material also contributes to the strength and safety of the property. Bricks held together with mortar make a wall. The foundation and walls hold the weight of the roof. An earthquake can cause serious damage to the structure. The best quality material and construction can protect your family from threats like earthquakes and storms. Structures with unreinforced bricks or concrete blocks can be very dangerous in earthquake-prone zones. Properties in these zones must be reinforced through steel slabs and additional concrete. 

There are several techniques that can reduce earthquake risk to a great extent. Houses in high risk zones must be built on base isolation pads made from steel, lead and rubber. These pads limit the damage by absorbing tremors. This technique is called base isolation technique. There are some other techniques in use and some are being tested. 

Don’t worry. Regina is one of the best and safest places.  


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