There are a lot of companies that outsource their phone answering service to a call centre firm so that there is no risk to the business’s customer support. However, how do call centres take care of optimum customer satisfaction on behalf of their clients? Well, call centre agents have to be trained on some essential rules so that attaining customer satisfaction is not a dream. Following some essential guidelines, agents can easily earn the customers’ trust.

Although call centres have a team of experienced agents on board, however, they need to practice some specific guidelines to maintain customer satisfaction. Customers’ needs keep on changing, thus agents have to be up-to-date always to meet the changing requirements. While it is obvious that agents just have to pick calls and answer the same, however, some phone etiquette can help earn better customer experience.

Here we walk you across the things that agents need to remember: 

No delay in answering calls

Call centre agents are hired to boost customer satisfaction, which is why there is a great responsibility on their shoulders. To make sure that the clients’ customers are happy with the answering service, agents need to remember to answer an inquiry within three rings of a call.

If the agents take a long time to answer calls, the customers may not find it amusing. After all, nobody wants to wait in long queues to get the query answered. Callers always like a service provider that gives a resolution to the problem instantly.

Good communication

Call centre agents need to remember that they should always speak clearly. If the customer does not understand the agents’ language or if the communication is not clear and audible, the client may look for another partner.

The voice tone, the way of talking, interaction gesture matters a lot. Callers always appreciate a confident voice thus agents should interact clearly with a soft tone to woo the caller.

Speakerphones always are not a good thing

Speakerphones might be great at work as they help the agents to be free for other tasks. However it is not a very good tool when a customer is over the call.

Speakerphones may ease other business functions, however, the caller may not get ease in listening to your voice.

The chats goings around in the office environment or other noise may not allow the customers to hear what the agent says. This may deteriorate customer satisfaction compelling the customer to search for another partner. Thus agents need to avoid using speakerphones when there is no need.

Taking notes

When a customer calls complaining of any query, the agents should always take notes of the same. Why?

Well, this is because with notes there is no need to cross-verify from the customer every time.

Callers do not like service providers asking repetitive questions and asking them to repeat what they said. Thus, to maintain customer satisfaction, it is vital to take notes always.

Use of adequate language

Language plays a very important role when it comes to phone answering service. The customer will appreciate your services when you will use adequate language and will show a good gesture to the customer.

Agents need to make the customer feel that the business cares for their needs. Language is thus vital.

Avoid hold times

Call centre agents are hired to avoid the threat of call abandonment which is why the agents have to be highly trained to avoid any such possibility.

The staff needs to make sure that they do not put a call in the queue for long. In doing so, the business might lose the customer to the competitor.

Thus, remain cheerful while talking and do not ask the caller to wait for long. It is better to forward the call to another expert when necessary rather than wasting the callers’ time.

Honest answer

Call centre agents need to be honest with their answers. As an agent, if you do not know an answer to the question, let the customer know about the same.

However, assure that you are forwarding the call to an expert having adequate knowledge of the issue. This way you will not lose the customer and on-time query resolution will help your business maintain customer satisfaction.

Voicemails are significant

To boost the phone answering service, agents need to remember to answer all voicemails too. There is a possibility that a caller might try to connect to you when you are at the lunch-break.

Well, to take care that call abandonment does not ruin your customer satisfaction, make sure you answer all voicemails after returning to the desk.

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