Because webtoon is based on the internet, it has become a place where many different media are combined to create special effects and new genres. The term “multimedia, multi-platform” is often used to describe the webtoon production process in Korea and the method to create a fictional world in the story. This section covers two aspects of multimedia creation and cross-platform composition.

The first is the feasibility of combining multiple media in comic book creation and publishing it on various platforms. This is a great point that you can read free webtoon manhwa hentai on all devices from Iphone, Ipad to Android smartphone devices manufactured by Samsung, LG, Sony, …etc

The second is telling stories through many different media and platforms (transmedia storytelling).

Before the launch of Webtoon Manhwa, the global comics market was dominated by big companies such as Marvel Comics, DC Entertainment, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics. Readers have to spend a lot of money for reading online or buying online. The introduction of Read Free Comic Online helps companies eliminate intermediaries and focus on customers. That’s why they distribute more webtoon manhwa on their platforms.

Unlike paper comics, webtoon is the foundation for a combination of media, such as background music, to help convey the emotions and emphasize the atmosphere in the story. For example, Horang’s webtoon A song of Clouds has a description of the band’s members, with background music to help emphasize the plot. Later songs in the webtoon were released as separate albums.

Close as Neighbors

  • My Aunt
  • My Stepmom
  • Secret Friend
  • The White Room
  • Project Utopia
  • My Friend’s Dad
  • The Unwanted Roommate
  • Secret Neighbors
  • Springtime for Blossom
  • A Nonsense Relationship
  • Body Trap
  • Anything for You

Manhwa Webtoon has invaded not only in the publishing industry but also in the music industry, with the song A Nonsense Relationship embedded in the webtoon later released its own album.

Short video clips are sometimes incorporated into webtoon. In 2009, Yun T’ae-ho released the webtoon We Only Held Hands.

Maximizing the multimedia potential of this type of comic book to integrate TV drama into webtoon, and launching a new genre called “Webtoon manhwa drama” Yun designed the character based on actor photos, occasionally shifting drawings to drama producers so they can adjust them to look like characters from TV dramas. During the production cooperation, the two sides cut video clips from the TV series to insert at the end of each manhwa webtoon episode.

Webtoon integrates this video clip into Canon’s advertising strategy to prove that low-cost cameras have features that are not inferior to expensive specialized cameras. In addition, the digital webtoon allows exploitation of 3D technology to create more realistic characters and backgrounds, more subtle colors, space and time like in the movies. Webtoon is easily adapted into movies and TV dramas thanks to its integration.

Even the paper version webtoon has built-in viewing features on multiple platforms. Paper versions of Webtoon are published by the publisher after they are posted for testing on the Web portal or personal blog. The popular site to help readers read manhwa webtoon online is MANHWAHENTAI.ME. The Manhwahentai website helps authors of this new type of comic book to sell their comic books. Famous and popular artists will gain a lot of profits, the publisher will proactively ask the author to co-produce and publish the paper version of webtoon. At that time, the paper version of webtoon was often released in parallel with the web version on the web portal. The paper version of Webtoon retains the same layout as the web version, except that the digital page is formatted as a print page. Some paper version webtoons come with a digital version, which allows viewing on other platforms through QR Code access. Please Draw me, Love! Kang P’ul’s is a good example.

If you take a photo / scan the QR Code on the web version of a paper version with a mobile phone, readers can watch the story (usually in the form of non-dubbed video clips, about 20 – 40 seconds long) freely on the mobile platform.

Multimedia websites, loved by many readers, are often adapted into movies, TV dramas, and musicals. For example, My Stepmom; The Fling Zone.



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