What do You Need to Know to Get the Best Gold and Silver Price When Selling?

If you are selling gold or silver items, you would like to get the best price for them. It would surely be possible that you have been investing in precious metals for years and now since they are out of trend, you would want to offload some of them. There could also be a probability that you have inherited some precious from your elder generation or cleaning your jewelery drawer. Whatever reason you have for selling gold or silver, we are here with some necessary information that will certainly help you sell such kind of items. 

We are also a gold loan settlement company in Delhi and help release pledged gold. we consider almost all important things you should consider before selling- 

  • Finding a fair price
  • Selling diverse forms of bullion be it coins, jewelry, scrap metal
  • Where to sell your gold and silver
  • Selling gold bullion to a reliable gold and silver buyer
  • Online sales and storage

Whenever you are going to selling your gold or silver items, keep these three primary factors in mind, price, safety, and convenience. These factors are ultimately important.

What could be a Fair Price for Your Precious Metals?

This is the first and foremost question that comes to the mind of every seller is what price he or she will get for their precious metal. Here are a few factors that determine how much you will get when selling your gold or silver item. 

Selling Gold & Silver Coins– 

Selling Gold & Silver Coins- It has been seen that gold and silver coin hold their value well when you resale them. It is because these coins are universally documented legal tender; they can usually be resold without postponement. Because of this liquidity, customers usually receive a higher resale value from coins than they can get from rounds. 

Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule that you will see in this article. Also, the retail market for gold or silver or both coins remain active than bars or jewelery, which shows that there is always a buyer. 

Selling Gold & Silver Jewelry-

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find a similar resale value while selling your gold and silver ornaments than other bullion products. It happens because most of the ornaments include a mix of metal (better say alloy) with decorative pieces. Since your jewelery is not pure gold or silver, its value remains more subjective. There is the possibility that there could be added labor and that would fetch a lower resale price than what was paid upfront.

Selling Scrap Metal-

In general, you get a lower value for scrap metal than what you would get for bullion bars, rounds, or coins. It is so as scrap metal needed to meltdown and then turned into a form that customers desire. Most gold buyers don’t accept scrap metal, but there is no such limitation.

We have a unique approach when it comes to buying gold and silver scrap products. You can get decent money for your scrap metal without doing much exercise. 

How Much Are You Selling?

How much you are selling? This is a worthy question when it comes to selling gold and silver ornaments. 

A convenient way to calculate the worth of your gold and silver items is to multiply the number of grams by the current spot value.  This will help you get an idea of the upper limit on how much you can look into getting in a resale deal. Most gold buyers in delhi will offer only 95 percent of the spot price.

Why Selling Gold & Silver Products?

We are not only a gold buyer but also help release pledged gold. If your gold or silver items have been pledged at any financial institution, we can get you to release those items and buy them. 

We are a leading gold loan settlement company in Delhi that helps you whenever you need assistance or aid while retrieving pledged jewelry or coins. We have an experienced team of professionals that will guide us at each step during the loan settlement process. You can have instant cash against your pledged items as per our regular policy. We have a fixed policy to provide equal treatment to each customer. We believe in making customers happy and satisfied with our impeccable service. We employ world-class technology to assess the purity of pledged gold and silver items.


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