New technologies can make your day today business workings effective and productive. But if you are not using the platforms that are the need of hour, you may end up with lacking behind in your industry.

Now, many companies are using Sap hana cloud platform, have you ever thought about it? Do you think that sap hana can help you grow in any way? Well, if you think that you do not know much about this platform then this post is going to quickly familiarise with it.

What is it?

SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is simply a Platform as a Service model that is there for creating new applications and run/expand current (SAP) applications. Most of the SAP cloud services counting SuccessFactors use the HANA Cloud Platform to construct customizations. The key functionalities of this working include analytics, transactions, mobile services, collaboration, security, integration and may also serve as a portal.

Moreover , this SAP HANA cloud provides a platform to SAP Service Providers for constructing new applications and run them. You can also use it to make changes on your existing applications. The HANA platform that is hosted by SAP cloud services also allow application developers to modify their applications to meet specific client needs.

Similarly, SAP is both a platform and also a service. As a service, it enables enterprises to accept application management work. The platform enables users to access data from the SAP HANA database right away. SAP cloud platform is even perfect for both small and large projects. Apart from all this,  the sap cloud services can be modified to offer solutions to distinct client needs. In simple words, you can easily mold the working of sap to blend it well with your working and fulfil the needs of your clients.

The Functionality

The SAP HANA Cloud platform offers you two main levels of functionality; first as an effective application service and second as a database service. As an application service, your business can create new applications and easily make them accessible to your employees or clients. Then being an application service, it offers you the following features:

·         Mobile services: It work as a mobile platform in the cloud through which mobile applications that are same to the SAP mobile platform can get availed.

·         Analytics: The HCP analytic feature enables you to analyse and present information visually. This feature is convenient to use and provides insight on the data available in the cloud platform.

·         Then portal: here the HCP portal enables for creating and taking live mobile friendly websites. The HCP portal works as an intranet that brings together in-house and cloud solutions in a central environment for your employees to access with ease and without any doubts.

·         Collaboration: It allows sharing of information among users with the SAP functionality feature. It can be set up for your staff members or employees working on a specific project to facilitate communication, cooperation and even that of operational efficiency.

Conclusion So, you can make the most of hana development and ensure that your business makes the most of this platform for overall working and to keep the clients happy.


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