How to Repair Samsung LCD Monitor Power Supply?

Samsung LCD

How to Repair Samsung LCD Monitor Power Supply? In case you have an LCD monitor power supply issue, you might think to call an expert for professional help for Samsung TV repair. However, the following tips will help you solving this case yourself: Know the background The capacitors are the ones which usually go bad in LCD monitors. The result is their leakage and bulging out, which prevents the power supply from sending electricity to the monitor. Hence, the monitor does not power up even when the power button is…

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5 Most Common Problems with TV and Their Possible Fixes

TV repair service

With shifting technologies, our TV viewing experience has evolved considerably. We don’t have those boxy sets in our homes anymore – The new age smart TVs and flat screens have taken over the market. However, even the best TVs must be repaired at some point. TV Repair Company, which specializes in TV repair Brampton, takes a look at some of the common problem with televisions and possible ways to fix them. A blue or green screen. It is very likely that your TV is not getting a signal. Check the…

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