An insight into opening a Savings Account online

Banking digitally is prevalent. This bold statement comes after a successful digital transformation in various industries, such as retail and commerce. When considering it, several options come to your mind, including digital wallets, virtual Credit Cards, general financial services, online currencies, UPI payments, etc.

Opening an online Bank Account is safe, eco-friendly, and easy. It is a platform providing you with advanced online financial services. Today, most traditional banks have an online option that offers real-time information and paperless banking benefits.

Why open it? 

Online accounts are a boon as you avoid bank queues and perform all financial transactions from your computer or smartphone. A few taps on the smartphone screen give you a clear, complete overview of your financial transactions, account balance, and history. Online platforms providing cross-border financial services such as remittance, bill payments, Insurance payments, and more are available to the public. 


Online account opening through the Banking app is easier than you think. While each bank follows different procedures, they have some things in common. You must complete an online application, including your personal and residential details. Upload the supporting documents like identity proof, address proof, passport-sized photographs, utility bills, and a letter signed by a gazetted officer for address verification. 


Bank Accounts help you maximise the safety of your hard-earned money and earn a steady interest on the balance maintained. Additionally, the bank’s apt customer service and tools go beyond traditional banking needs to give you a delightful experience. A host of options are available, and you can opt for one that best suits your needs.


Know the requirements when online Saving Account opening, select the account type and keep your documents handy while sharing the communication details. With digitalisation, banks allow you to open an account through video KYC, where you verify yourself without visiting the branch. You should have a device with a strong internet connection supporting video call features.

Account types

Different account types include Savings, Current, Salary, and Rural Accounts. You can access your bank anytime, anywhere through a vast network of branches, ATMs, and facilities like Net banking, Phone banking and Mobile banking. Banking is easy, safe, convenient, and rewarding, with excellent interest rates and personalised services.

How to operate?

You need to make an initial deposit, depending on the account type. You can operate it using the ATM-cum-Debit Card linked to the account. Once the verification completes, the bank provides you with the chequebook, passbook, and other relevant documents.

Minimum balance

Today, you find different banks offering attractive Savings Account interest rates. Open it through the app based on the features and eligibility. To avoid penalties, you must maintain a minimum balance in other accounts. The higher the interest, the better the savings.


Smartphones have ruled the banking sector, enabling you to open accounts and pay for goods and services online.