An Asian wedding is a multicultural event full of traditions. Planning for an Asian wedding is not so easy task. Besides the tradition and culture, there are hundreds of things, you must consider like finding a priest, selecting the best Asian wedding venue in London, hiring an experienced wedding planner, photographer, dress designers, makeup artist, caterer, preparation for prewedding and post-wedding functions and rituals, etc.

Therefore to make your wedding planning an enjoyable and cherished moment. In order to stay sane, avoid all meltons and cultural faux pas keep the following 10 things in mind to make your big day more successful and overwhelming.

  1. Select the best Asian Wedding Venue

First and foremost step of your planning should be to find out one of the best Asian wedding venues in Hounslow. Consider your guest list and your budget before finalizing the venue. Check if the venue has enough space to hold your guests and capability to execute all the events of your wedding. Ask if the venue management allows you to perform your all religious ritualism. Choose a venue with a mutual understanding of both the bride and groom sides. The venue location should be easily reachable.

  • Plan Ahead & Be Flexible

When it is about an Asian wedding there are multiple events across a fixed week. Either it is a small or big event, you can never be so organized to achieve it in the same way. Create a to-do list and note down your ideas you want to implement in your function. Customize your all events according to their priority. Be flexible during the planning and prioritizing your task.

  • Be Creative with Your Invitation Card

One of the purest Asian traditions is to summon your family and friends through your wedding invitation card. It is evergreen and very significant part of every Asian wedding. Choose some vibrant, colourful, authentic and unique wedding card, pre-wedding card and the post-wedding cards to invite your beloveds on the special occasion of your wedding.

  • Include Royal Menu

The food menu of an Asian wedding is the one factor that can make or break your event. Focus on to add some cultural dishes to your menu. Arrange different cuisines to serve your guests and select tasty mocktails rather than those tired soft drinks in your menu. Add the mocktails that match with your theme colours and your favourite flavours.

  • Wedding Cake should be Special

When it comes to your wedding cake be creative and order a cake full flavour from your heritage. Select a cake design matching with your party theme or representing one of the Asian wedding events.

  • Choose Unique Theme and Decoration

Choose a simple and eye-catching flower-based decoration for your big day. Flowers resemble the beauty of love. Hence choose some beautiful colours, sweet fragrances, and adorable flower species to show your partner the depth of your love and charm your guests. Nowadays balloon decoration is also in trend. Some people love the combo of both decorative elements. The decoration experts create various shapes and designs which are enough capable to get the attention of every age group.

  • Show Off Your Traditional Culture

There are certain rules and regulations to follow when planning your wedding ceremony in a religious place like a temple or church. When planning your marriage in a wedding venue make sure about the cultural activities, they allow you to perform at your wedding. It is the best way to get rid of unwanted stress during the wedding.

  • Plan an Expert and Creative Photographer

To capture and put the all beautiful memories from your special day in order to make it your lifetime experience, an expert photographer and videographer help you a lot. By using some clever tricks and latest technologies they create things more beautiful and original in colours.

  • Stay United

No matter of worry, if each of your families pulls both of you in numerous directions, this does not mean being out of, it’s typically just because of their strong viewpoints, and everybody desires their aspect drawn. This is often why it’s so necessary that you both keep a united front as a couple particularly once talking with members of your family. Support one another’s ideas. bear in mind you’re collectively a team and don’t forget you’re doing this for the happiness of you both only.

  • Keep It Simple

In Asian weddings couples would really like to own more than one completely different events on an equivalent day. In order to reduce the stress, do not host over one event on the same day. With multiple events on an equivalent day, there’s a lot of potential for events to overrun, get delayed or cause you stress. Having everything come about in one venue location is that the most stress-free possibility.  It’s all of your moment. therefore keep calm and avoid to stuck in an exceedingly useless helter-skelter. Set up and organize everything in a way to attain the desired success. Simply attempt to do your best while not being stressed concerning other’s satisfaction. it’s not possible to 100% satisfy others along with your decisions. Create your own rules to success coz it is your day.


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