As the center of the biggest city in the country, Manhattan is bustling 24/7. There is obviously a lot to do during the day, but there is equally a ton to do at night. So anyone looking for nightlife opportunities in Manhattan will be easily pleased.

If you are planning a trip to Manhattan and need some nightlife options for enjoying your vacation, you are in luck. Or perhaps, you are considering a move to Manhattan and need to know the best nightlife spots before your move. Consider these great activities in Manhattan if you love nightlife and need some ideas:


Obviously the biggest city in the country has some great bars. If you are in the mood for a beer at a sports bar or a fruity drink and some great food at a cocktail bar, you are in luck, since Manhattan is full of bars to enjoy.

Some great suggestions for bars if you are in the mood for a drink and tasty food are VAULT Manhattan, Henry’s Rooftop Bar, and The Maze. There are so many options for bars in Manhattan and so many different themes and vibes, you can plan a chill meal or you can plan a hyped up bar crawl. Consider what you and your friends enjoy and plan accordingly.


If your idea of a night out is a little more exciting and you want to get your blood pumping, you will have your pick of nightclubs in Manhattan. If you enjoy dancing and music, there are plenty of opportunities to plan a fun night out with your partner or friends. 

Some clubs to check out in Manhattan as you plan your night out are On Now Lounge and Paradise Club. Just like bars, there are many options for nightclubs in Manhattan and you can plan your night accordingly. Whether you want a sultry cabaret show or some sweaty dancing, there is a club for you.

Comedy Clubs and Other Entertainment

Since the city is so huge and diverse, so is the nightlife. While many smaller towns may be limited to a bar or club or two, Manhattan has almost endless options for planning a night out. One great idea for a different nightlife activity is going to a comedy club.

Some comedy clubs in Manhattan to put on your list are The Village Underground and Gotham Comedy Club. If you and your friends are looking for a good laugh, you are in luck. Manhattan is also home to the greatest theater in the country. If you would prefer a show to a bar or club, head to Broadway for your pick of the top plays and musicals.

If you find that you enjoy the nightlife in Manhattan so much when you visit, you may want to keep your eye on Manhattan real estate, so you can call Manhattan home and enjoy the great nightlife any night you want. It would be so exciting to be right in the middle of the action every night.