There are plenty of reasons you may be considering Deleting your Facebook account — maybe you think that you pay an excessive amount of time thereon and need to require a social media cleanse, or even you and your friends have already stopped exploitation it, therefore there’s no reason to stay it around.

It’s necessary to grasp deleting your Facebook account is completely different from deactivating your account — once deleted, it will never be recovered.

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Which means that, if you’re resolute obtaining obviate your account for temporary ward functions, you may need to think about various strategies to detox from social media while not deleting something.

But if you’re certain you’re able to leave the world’s preferred social media network, it’s a straightforward method.

Keep in mind, if you delete your Facebook, your photos and every one your Facebook data are going to be lost forever. If you would like to avoid wasting that data, I’d counsel downloading a duplicate of it.

To transfer a duplicate of all of your Facebook data, head to “Settings” and click on, “Download a duplicate of your Facebook information,” and then, “Start My Archive.”

This will make sure you will still realize all those awkward lyceum photos, years down the road.

To find out the way to delete or deactivate your Facebook account, or delete a bunch or page you’ve created, read on.

How to Delete or Deactivate Your Facebook Account

How to Delete Facebook

  • Go to
  • Click “delete my account”
  • Do not log into Facebook and wait fourteen days for the deletion request to finish

Once you’re certain you’re able to delete your Facebook account permanently, click this link. once you click the link, this message can pop up:

All you wish to try to do is click “Delete My Account.”

Facebook notes it takes a number of days to finish deletion once you request it, and if you log into Facebook throughout that point, you’ll cancel the deletion request.

Remember, if you think that there’s an opportunity you’ll need to open up your Facebook account within the future, you may need to deactivate it rather than deleting it. If you deactivate your account, Facebook saves all of your data, photos, and settings, and you’ll activate at any time. within the meanwhile, your profile can simply be hidden.

Steps to Deactivate Facebook

  • Click “Settings”
  • Under General Account Settings, click “Manage Account”
  • Click “Deactivate Account”
  • Enter Facebook watchword to continue
  • Choose a “reason for leaving” multiple-choice bubble, then click “Deactivate”

Steps to Delete Your Facebook Cluster

We’ve coated the way to delete your account, however, let’s say you don’t need to delete your whole account — you simply need to delete a bunch you created.

Note: if you didn’t produce the cluster however you’re Associate in Nursing admin, you’ll solely delete the cluster if the first creator leaves it.

How to delete a Facebook cluster

Go to the cluster you would like to delete and click on “Members”

Beside every person, choose “Remove from Group”

Once you take away everybody else, select “Leave Group” next to your name

Click “Leave and Delete”

1. Head to the cluster you would like to delete and click on “Members.” Click beside every person’s name, and choose “Remove from the cluster.”

2. Once you’ve removed everybody else within the cluster, select “Leave Group” next to your name.

3. Click “Leave and Delete”.

4. And voila! Your Facebook cluster is gone.

How to Delete Your Facebook Page

If you created a Facebook Page for a private business you’ve since abandoned or Associate in Nursing previous fan Page for Justin Bieber that not suits your passions, there are straightforward thanks to deleting it.

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How to Remove a Facebook Page

  • Go to your page and click on “Settings”
  • Scroll to the bottom of Generals Tab and click on “Remove Page”
  • Click “Delete [Page]” then click “Ok”

To delete a Page, you have got to be the creator of a Page — one thing I learned the exhausting means. This was the inspiration behind my terribly fugacious business, “Caroline’s Consulting Business.”

If you would like to delete a Page you’ve created, here’s how:

1. Head to your Page, and click on “Settings.”

2. From the final Tabs at intervals Settings, scroll to the bottom and click on “Remove Page.”

3. Tap on “Delete [Page Name]” then click “Ok.”

4. And that’s it! It’s necessary to notice Facebook takes up to 14 days to delete your Page.


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