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How you can say your kids are at school and they are not out of school? Will, they come home direct from school not go anywhere? How you will see your kids are taking online classes on playing games online on their mobiles.  

Parenting isn’t a straightforward job. We tend to create it as easier as potential. You need a cell phone tracker to track the cell phone your kid’s location.  

The live location tracker feature can let oldsters apprehend the whereabouts of their children periodically. A map would be displayed on the interface, the depiction of the last time an area was visited, and also the device battery level. I am here going to introduce you to the best parental control app named the FamiSafe parental control app,.

FamiSafe keeps a record of the places the user has visited within the past. This can let oldsters track the routes taken by their children and apprehend if they need to visit any uncommon or unsafe place. An in-depth list with several timestamps is displayed here. So let’s discuss this FamiSafe parental control app.

Introduction to FamiSafe 

FamiSafe is one of the best and reliable, widespread parental control apps of this time. Developed by Wondershare, it runs on each major iOS and automaton device. Recently, the applying has undergone some crucial changes and upgrades with its options. To supply holistic support to its users, FamiSafe has currently upgraded its live location chase feature to form certain that oldsters keep a strict eye on their kids whenever and where they require.

In today’s world, the necessity for an entire parental control app has become additional evident than ever. Per a recent report, a toddler goes missing every forty seconds within the US. This accounts for over 460,000 missing youngsters reports annually. The figure reaches 1,000,000 once it accounts for the world kid missing reports. Therefore, it’s become very vital for fogeys to stay a period track of their kid’s locations.

Apart from that, the instances of kids obtaining kidnapped from an area or them missing their categories are a priority. Associate degree app like FamiSafe provides a perfect resolution to those issues. The new location feature of the tool offers 3 major functions – live location chase, past location history, and geofencing.

See how this FamiSafe app provides tracking solutions for parents

Real-time Location following & Geo-fencing

Track your kid’s whereabouts; read the history location thus on guarantee they need not be to “unusual places”. Set Geo-fences as safe zones, and obtain alerts once your child enters or leaves geo-fences.

App Blocker & Activity Monitor

Block app usage throughout study or sleep time. Monitor, however, your youngsters use their phones with Parental management, what apps square measure principally used, what apps square measure put in and uninstalled, however the social media apps square measure used, etc.

Keep your child removed from potential on-line threats by interference with any unwanted or inappropriate websites with harmful content like erotica, gambling, violence, etc.

Web Content Filtering

Keep your child removed from potential on-line threats by interference with any unwanted or inappropriate websites with harmful content like erotica, gambling, violence, etc.

Screen Time Tracking and controlling

Learn how oftentimes your kid’s phone is getting used throughout each day. Set screen closing dates and certify their phone cannot be used throughout study or sleep time or in specific places like colleges and chambers.

Flexible remote and Personalization Setting

No ought to handle everything on your kid’s phone. Once the app is put in, you’ll be able to create set everything on your device flexibly.

Pricing plans of FamiSafe app

– As per the quarterly prices, the user must pay $6.66 per month that is beaked quarterly at $19.99. The price applies to up to ten devices per account.

– For the Monthly price, the user is charged $9.99 per month. However, it applies to solely five devices per account.

– Lastly, for the Annual price, the user must pay $3.49 per month that is beaked annually at $41.99. It consists of thirty devices per account.

Download this app here

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Final words 

FamiSafe parental control app is the best app to control your kids to not go prohibited location using the location tracker feature and use many other options like mobile web browsing and app downloads.

Tracking your children’s period location, keeping tabs on their smartphone usage, and staying up to this point with their location history area unit extremely vital for a parent. Within the current day and age, it’s straightforward for youths to induce distracted from their priorities or lead themselves into a harmful state of affairs.

So, are you able to settle for the responsibility of defending your young ones as they still grow old and find out about life? 


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