Have you ever thought why now a day couples prefer their photo shoot before the wedding which we now call “PRE-WEDDING SHOOT” as part of their photography for their special day? Couples do not want any stones unturned to express their love story and prepare themselves for the longwinded journey of togetherness that is coming ahead. While running in a marathon for some inspirational, quirky, and innovative ideas, pre-wedding shoots are meant to be out of the box which does not only capture your love together but also awes everyone who sees it. 

In recent years, we have seen that the pre-wedding shoot has gained the admiration and now has also become one of the money-spinning business. So, whether you have a major plan to circulate your amazing snaps around social media or want to keep this moment private, shoots are meant out to be standing out. Love is indeed magical, and these emotions ought to be captured magically as well. If you are looking for some great ideas for your prewedding shoot with the air of some romance, love, and bonding into your wedding album then here you go. We have come up with an amazing concept for your pre-wedding photography ideas to make your D-Day more special. Have we missed out something? Oh, Yes! Don’t forget to skip the pre wedding props as well!


Get the reel life inspiration in your real life! If you are a huge fan of romantic Bollywood movies and want to be the iconic face for your pre-wedding shoot then why not go filmy this time? You can get some amazing sceneries as your backdrop to make it a dream film world and pose like you never before. Make your pre-wedding memorable with amazing attire. And yeah, get some colorful smoke bomb or sticks to add color to your moment. 


A pre-wedding shoot done at night can bring wonders to your photography. Can be done under an open sky and beautiful stars or use some artificial lamps to light the night. You can get some of the amazing props too and show some story of how you met each other in a single click. Night and Light, go hand in hand and makes the photoshoot really amazing.


How about going vintage this time? We believe that this can be one of the classy, elegant, and beautiful ideas if you love matching different hues of colors that match the vintage theme. You can add some vintage props to add elegance and beauty to your photos. Vintage photography and themes are now in trend and we bet you will look outstanding in the vintage backdrop too.


Pets are so adorable that they make any occasion full of oomph! Your photographs will look more alive with the presence of your little furry buddies. If you are an animal lover and especially love your little companion from the moon to back then we bet you would not forget to add the little one in your special day shoot. You can also add some pre-wedding photo shoot props to fill the moment with fun.


If you and your to be spouse love adventures and water activities then you will surely love this concept. Posing underwater wearing an amazing costume, enjoying several poses and togetherness will cherish your moment. Treasure the moment of closeness with your loved ones with romance and love while posing together!


Sounds sassy and amazing right? Who does not love nature and especially it is when you have chosen to click your amazing shots with?  Just leave behind the bustle of cities and vanish in the forests and greenery. Your photoshoot can be one of soothing and peaceful as you will be diving into nature’s beauty together posing your best. Get some water bubble plastic stick to add bubbles and make the surrounding look dreamlike. 


Reading all the fictional books in your childhood, you might have thought how would it feel like being tiny miniatures in the real world! Well, not possible in the real world but it is surely possible in the reel world! Turn yourself into the tiny version and get some experimental visuals with your photoshoots. With innovation, the editing has become super easy to make you miniatures. You both will really look adorable in this theme!


Many girls have been dreaming of their fairy-tale life and become the princess of their prince charming. Why not add this concept in your prewedding photography? From flowery set up to dream like royal setup, you can go with a dream-like photo backdrop with an amazing outfit! You can also add a Love foil balloon somewhere in your backdrop. We can’t just express how beautiful you both will look in the pre-wedding shoot!


Traditional themes have never faded away and have still the same charm to make any occasion special and fun filling. Since the western outfits have been on-trend, most couples opt for the same. How about going traditional this time. A beautiful Indian ethnic wear for both of you would do justice to your shoot. How beautiful you would look pairing up together in a traditional costume and capturing some of the best moments together. 

Still, confused about your pre-wedding shoot ideas? We have listed some of the best ideas among which we hope that you would love to try out. After all, it is your special day and how can we miss out on an opportunity of helping you. We believe that now you will get a slight idea of your upcoming photoshoot for your pre-wedding. No matter whichever idea you choose, we bet you will be thanking us later for guiding you with your special day. Enjoy your pre-wedding shoot together!


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