If you are planning to purchase the mixer grinder then you must certainly be doing a lot of research. With so many new brands coming up in the market, you might be wondering which brand to choose for. This is certainly something important because the durability, cost, and features are also dependent on the brand. Do you know which are the top 5 best mixer grinder brands of 2019? Well, we have listed these brands below for you.

Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Brands of 2019

Philips – One of the brands that really pushes innovate products for the customers is Philips. These products are not just innovated but they are also very durable. The product line is huge and you will find the mixer grinder in different range and different style. If you are planning to purchase a product from Philips then you can also choose to opt for a mixer grinder which comes with juicer.

Bajaj – Another reliable brand that offers mixer grinder in India is Bajaj. You can choose between mixer grinder, hand blender and juicer mixer grinder depending on your needs. Again, the product line offered by Bajaj is huge and you get mixer grinder is different varying capacity. If you love juice or if you have children who love juice then you can also opt for the juicer mixer grinder which also provides you with the advantage of extracting fruit juice at home.

Prestige – Prestige is the next brand on our list and it is mainly known for kitchen products. The brand had been popular for non-stick cookware but in recent time, it also started to manufacture mixer grinder. The brand offers as many have 39 different products when we talk about the product range. This means that you can purchase something for yourself easily. If you are looking for a brand that provides reliable, affordable and stylish products then you must check out what Prestige has to offer.

Inalsa – Inalsa is not new for Indians and it had been there for decades. The brand offers a total of 9 different products in a mixer grinder and these products are segregating on the basis of features and functions. You can check out the products from Inalsa and you would not be disappointed with the performance of these products.

Maharaja – Maharaja had truly been the king of Indian kitchens. The brand operates in over 130 countries and the products offered by Maharaja are also of very high quality. You can purchase the mixer grinder or even juicer mixer grinder from the brand without any issues. These products offer high usability and they are also very affordable. The brand offers a warranty on each and every product it manufactures.These are the top 5 best mixer grinder brands. For purchasing the mixer grinder, you can go ahead and check out the products from these brands online at https://www.mixergrinderguru.in/. You will surely be able to find a compatible product for your kitchen which also fits into your budget.


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