Kid’s online protection has become necessary no time ever before since the cell phone devices connected to the internet have become a piece of cake for parents to buy their kids. Therefore, young kid, tweens and teens are doing activities without having the consent of the parents. We all know that today every youngster have their profile on social media such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, WhatsApp, Instagram and even on the dating apps like Tinder and Snapchat. Moreover, children are used to having cyberspace access all the time on the smartphone and they visit different sort of websites that spread adult content, entertaining content above 18 and also bring the attention of the young minds towards the radicalization. Therefore, the need for the online safety of kids and teens are very important. In addition, teens and children often got into the trap of the cyber predators such as they got bullied online, trap by the stalkers and sexual predators. So, parents need to have the best software to track digital devices of the children especially in terms of cell phone devices. Let’s discuss how to get it.

Install OgyMogy phone spy app

It is truly mobile spy software that empowers end user to remotely track each and every single activity of the children online. All you need to do is to install it on the target device and once you have done it successfully then you are free to go and get to know about your children activities and make sure they are not doing something that could lead them to ultimate danger.

OgyMogy cell phone surveillance software is the best way to have such tech –tools that empower you to spy on cell phone calls, messages, social media, and monitor screen in real –time, track emails, and plenty of others things alike. Let’s get to know about the powerful tools of the OgyMogy cell phone tracking software.

Phone Bugging

You can use it to remotely bug your target cell phone device of children and can hack MIC and then record and listen to the conversations of the surround. It also powerful tools that can hack the target device front and back camera and can record surround videos and also capture photos of the surrounds. All it happens with the OgyMogy video camera spy, MIC bug and with camera bugging software respectively.

Call history recorder

 You can use it to record incoming and outgoing calls on the target device of your children and then further save it over the web using secret call recording software.

Social Media messenger spy software

You can monitor popular social media apps in terms of logs and you can read text messages, conversations, audio, and video conversations logs, shared photos and videos and last but not the least Voice calls of Facebook and WhatsApp.

Screen monitoring

You can make short videos of the screen back and forth with the use of remote screen monitoring software powered by OgyMogy. So, you can monitor the screen when the user is doing chrome activities, emails, social media apps, SMS, and applying passwords.

Location tracking app

You can track the GPS location of your child when they are not at home and even you can track location history with a complete time stamp. Moreover, you can track the accurate location of the target by using a location tracking app.

Email monitoring

Parents can spy on the email sent/received on kid’s cell phone and you can further read the content of the email using email monitoring software.

Browsing Activities

Parents can view all the visited apps and websites on the cell phone browser of kids and teens and even get to know about the bookmarked websites.


You can remotely capture screenshots of all the activities kids and teens have performed on cell phone screen by sending a number of commands at the same time.

Remote phone controller

Parents can protect teens by remotely investigating about the installed apps, block text messages, block incoming calls on the kid’s cell phone in –case they are talking to strangers and further you can remotely block internet access on the target device to make sure kid’s online safety.


OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app for Android enables parents to protect kid’s online safety twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to the fullest.



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