If you are reading this article, it means that the Alexa setup process is giving you a tough time. Well, you are not alone. Many Amazon Alexa Echo users are having the same issues while setting up Alexa and Echo. You need the Alexa app or the alexa.amazon.com website to complete the Amazon Echo Alexa process. It is relatively easy if you don’t skip minor steps.

It’s quite usual that many times the Alexa app stuck on the white screen and didn’t allow you to complete the Alexa Echo setup process. You will mostly see that the ring light is stuck on blue when you require the orange/amber light to initial the Alexa Echo setup process. But don’t worry. We are here for the Alexa setup help. So, let’s begin with some solutions to ease out the Alexa Echo setup process without wasting much time.

Try to Setup Amazon Echo and Alexa Properly

Step 1: Install the Alexa app and plug-in the Echo into an electric power source

Try to install the Alexa app on your smartphone. But don’t run it. Plug-in your Echo into an electric power outlet. Let it light up and wait until the LED turns blue. Once the ring light turns a yellowish or amber color, execute the Alexa application on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Step 2: Launch the Alexa App and Sign In

When you run the Alexa app, you will be asked to enter your Amazon account. If you have an Amazon account, then use the existing credentials. If not, then create a new one. Once you are done with the log in process, choose your Echo device and preferred language.

Step 3: Wait for Orange Ring Light

You will be asked to connect to WiFi that says ‘Begin Echo Setup’. Tap on the ‘Connect’ button. After that, you will see an orange ring light. If your Echo shows an orange glow, then you are doing great. If not, then your Echo device stuck in the blue ring light. Press the Action button, and then tap the Continue button on the Alexa app.

Step 4: Try to Connect Amazon to WiFi

You are prompted to connect to the Echo screen Manually. This particular step is quite essential. So, follow carefully. Leave the Alexa app and open your smartphone’s WiFi manager. Please select your home WiFi network and try to connect to it. If somehow, you missed connecting to WiFi, then it shows the violet ring light.

If you have followed the above-mentioned steps, then Amazon Echo will work correctly. If still, you face any issues, follow the underneath fixes.

Try to Uninstall Alexa From Your Smartphone

If you are stuck in the white screen of your Alexa setup and even waiting for some time and the white screen doesn’t remove, you should try to uninstall the Alexa app.

Try to Disable Your Home Network

Visit the WiFi manager of your smartphone, toggle off the WiFi to disconnect your smartphone from your home or local network.


So, these are some of the primary ways to fix Alexa setup issues. If still, you find yourself stuck and looking for Alexa troubleshooting tips, then get in touch with our experts via the comments section.



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