There are lots of aspects to digital marketing, web design being the one that gives your business an identity.

It’s the first impression that you give when a visitor of your webpage and maybe even a future client or customer finds you on the internet, you want to make a great impression on those people and really sell your business for all it is worth.

Let’s dive right into factors that make web design one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

  1. It Aids Your SEO

Web design puts in place pages on your website where you can publish content, such as blogs. Without that you can only rely on your business itself to bring people to your site.

This is definitely one thing you can’t afford to mess up or forget about. If you’re on-page SEO fundamentals are not up to scratch then you’ll be struggling with the success of your business from the start.

  • Attracting Customers and Customer Service

Your website is your first impression. You don’t want your services to be thought of as sloppy just because your website looks sloppy.

You want to look as if you care about your business, if you can portray that through your website then you will send the right messages to the possible customers that visit your sight.

A website that has been thought about and cared for shows a customer that you care about being professional which will make people trust in your company.

  • Responsive Design

With the evergreen importance and growth of mobile phones and technology, your audience will be visiting your website through their mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

You have to make sure that your website works like a charm and are responsive on all these devices, and also looks good. Good web design will do just that.

Responsive websites keep leads engaged longer on your site and the fact there’s no lagging and distorted pages aren’t a problem makes the visitors even more likely to not be turned off from your business.

As unfortunate as it is, slow websites, no matter how good the business is, will loose the business they’re attached to a whole lot of clientele down to the fact they have to wait and it is even thought of as an untrustworthy site due to people being unsure if the time its taking to load is proving it to be a scam or a virus attacking their phone.

What We’ve Learnt

See web design as the digital face of your business. Where people go to see who and what you are, what represents you as a brand and everything you sell. So, you’re going to want a website that is quality so that people believe that you, as a company, are quality.


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