Anyone looking to give the GMAT, or seek admission to an MBA program, should look up Experts’ Global. This EdTech firm has proven to be one of the most reliable names in these fields. Since its founding, Experts’ Global has worked with MBA aspirants, from over 50 different countries.

On the Company

Experts’ Global was founded in 2008, by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, the firm’s mission has always been to provide quality educational service, through the application of advanced technology. Since 2008, Experts’ Global has provided truly international level GMAT training, and MBA admissions consultancy to thousands of students, across the world. Experts’ Global’s staff is rightfully proud of the work that they do and the highly efficient processes behind the same.

GMAT Prep Online

Experts’ Global’s primary GMAT prep offering is its on-demand GMAT online preparationprogram, which includes 300+ in depth instructional videos, on the GMAT syllabus and how to best tackle the prep and the exam itself. It also includes 4000+ practice questions that cover each GMAT concept, exactly how the GMAT’s questions do. Taken together, Experts’ Global’s practice material places the correct amount of emphasis on each concept, has the appropriate level of difficulty throughout, and also presents the questions in the same way as the GMAT. The testing interface is also appropriately GMAT-like, looking and operating very similarly, so that the students can gain a sense of what giving the real GMAT will be like.

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep program also comes with15 Full-Length GMAT mock tests, with the same type of questions and on the same type of screen. What really sets this test series apart though is just how accurate the scoring is. Hundreds of Experts’ Global’s students have noted that their Experts’ Global mock scores and GMAT Prep scores were highly congruent. The tests are also backed by analytics that provide the students with a rigorous breakdown of their performance, after every mock and over the course of their last several mocks.

Live Classroom Program

Mr. Srivastava takes on a very limited number of students, every year, for Experts’ Global’s live classroom program, as well. These classes happen over the weekends, in the city of Noida. Every year, Mr. Srivastava’s students praise his dedication and enthusiasm, which they say is even more valuable than the stellar guidance he is able to provide, as a GMAT 99thpercentiler.

MBA Admissions Consulting

At the heart of Experts’ Global’s consultancy, what sets it apart, is the fact that Experts’ Global provides far more extensive and exhaustive admissions support than other firms. They extend support for every stage of the admissions, not just a select few. They call this “End to End Admissions Consulting”. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, Experts’ Global’s students have managed to secure admission to every one of the world’s top 150 schools.

ISB Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global has helped aspirants seek admission to many different schools but they are the most familiar with ISB. That is because half of all Indian GMAT aspirants seek admission to ISB. So, Experts’ Global has made it a point to acquaint themselves with its admissions process, and endeavor that has borne fruit, as 90% of all of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants receive interview calls.

Admissions Interview Training

Experts’ Global understands the importance of the interviews, in the admissions process. That is the final stage and where the question of admission will be decided. As such, they have developed a truly stellar interview training process. The core of this training is a series of mock interviews, put together and conducted by an experienced interview mentor. Before tht however, there is extensive groundwork, with a series of 15 instructional videos that cover all of the nuances of good MBA admissions interview performance, in a very detailed way and a questionnaire, meant to test what they have learned, with the 30 most frequently asked interview questions.



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