Live entertainment has something for literally anyone.  Unfortunately, necessary social distancing In the last year has killed off the ability to enjoy performers playing live.  Virtual entertainment has kicked off to fill that void!  From fully virtual concerts to small personal performances, there’s a wide assortment of shows you can watch and enjoy.  Some performers are even doing private shows for those willing to hire them.

Here are the top three highlights of the virtual live entertainment industry and how it’s taking the world by storm.

Norah Jones

In June, Jones surprised everyone by starting up a weekly live stream of her performing.  Although the audio is still not great, she pours her heart into her voice and piano and lets loose some of the feelings all of us are experiencing right now.  Before the pandemic, she sold out concerts and enjoyed trendy CD and mp3 sales.  Now, her fans can tune in and listen to her croon out her emotions while skillfully laying down chords on her piano.  Although it doesn’t feel as polished as a concert, there’s a charm to the crackly audio and shifting lighting that makes this a must-view during the quarantine.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny has been growing in popularity faster than anyone else in the country.  People lose their patience from Texas to New York, counting down when he’ll be in town again.  Fortunately for them, he’s been surprising both off and online.  Bad Bunny streamed live as he performed on top of a moving bus in Brooklyn.  His fans watched and cheered from a safe distance while also enjoying feeling his raw energy as he sang.  His streams have been amassing tons of followers and viewers, which has only boosted his life more.  If you wanted to recreate his VMA entrance, you could search for “go-go dancers near me” and find a couple of incredible ladies who are happy to dance for you and your family to any music.

Yo-Yo Ma

A rarity in the modern age, this cellist is known to sell out stadiums and incite a frenzy any time he goes on tour.  He works the cello like a sculptor creating incredible art in sound and can affect anyone’s mood.  Because of the pandemic, Ma has started allowing fans a glimpse into his home.  Of course, he’s not inviting people directly in, but he’s leading a camera around as he plays beautiful songs in different rooms of his abode.

These performances would usually snatch over a hundred dollars per ticket, so the chance to watch him play live for free is one that shouldn’t be passed up.  His performances are better with headphones or incredible speakers so that it hits you to your core.  He’s an incredible talent.

Although the pandemic will forever change live entertainment, there’s a lot to be said about how this is rewriting virtual entertainment.  After all, when else have we been able to say we went to a Norah Jones live show almost every week for months?



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